Omid Khoshnazar, Tehran/Lucerne

Born in Isfahan, Iran in 1981, Omid Khoshnazar received his BA in Animation from Iran’s National Television Academy in 2005. His two previous CGI animation films ‹Zero Degree› and ‹Labyrinth› have been shown in many festivals and won awards around the world. Prior to enrolling as an MA student at the Lucerne School of Art and Design, he worked as an art
director for a number of television news channels. Khoshnazar’s latest animation film, ‹Parasite›, is an international co-production between Iran and Switzerland.

Parasite 2009, 3D computer animated film, 8'30'' | Labyrinth 2007, 3D computer animated film, 9'20'' | Zero Degree 2005, 3D computer animated film, 8'
LIAA Appearances
Acting in Animation and World Premiere of "Parasite"
Wednesday, 9 December
17:30 at Bourbaki 2