Otto Alder, Lucerne

Otto Alder is working as a curator for festivals all over the world and has served on juries and selection committees (Hiroshima, Annecy, Ottawa, Leipzig, Brisbane, Rome, Zagreb, London, Seoul, Stuttgart, Tampere, Espinho, Shanghai, Tallinn, Moscow, etc.). After organizing the Animation Festival Stuttgart, he was director of animation at the Leipzig Festival for thirteen years. He was also co-founder and co-director of the Fantoche International Animation Festival. Besides making his own films, photographs and art, he has taught history of moving images and animation at the Lucerne School of Art and Design since 2001, where he is Professor and Co-Director of the Animation Department. He is a member of ASIFA since 1988 (Director of the Board 1993–1998).

Selected Films
Maderanertal 2009, 3'36" | Papirossy 2006, 2' | Hans im Glück 2006, arthouse film, in progress | Der Mond 2003, arthouse film, in progress | The Spirit of Genius 1998, documentary film, 60' | Zeichen neuer Geschichte 1994, documentary film, 6' | Näher ging’s leider nicht 1989–1993, documentary film, 3' | Architektouren 1987–1993, documentary film, 9' | Raum-Frei 1992, animated film loop, 3' | Animadoc 1992, documentary film, 6' | The Death of Dark Animation in Europe 1992, 3' | 1989–1992 Various films in collaboration with Künstlergruppen Video Stuttgart