LIAA Cinema - Life without Gabriella Ferri *Swiss Premiere* and 1895

Friday, 11 December | 20:00 | stattkino | Estimated Duration: 80 minutes
Speakers: Olga Pärn and Priit Pärn

Life without Gabriella Ferri
A man and a woman begin to play a sensual and erotic game. The tension grows, but then it becomes clear that they are not alone. There is somebody who seems to need their attention, but this is not the final truth. This film is a dramatic story about love, locked doors, a faceless thief, a wounded stork, a lost laptop and virtual prostitutes, the O’Key Sisters... There is no Gabriella Ferri, but there is almost a happy end.

In honour of cinema’s 100th birthday, the film is a biography of the Lumière brothers. Unknown details from their lives are treated here in a very unreal way.
In cooperation with UNILUX