Night Special: Masters of Animation - Music as a provocative and authentic form of Narrative

Tuesday, 8 December | 22:00 | Bourbaki 1 | Estimated Duration: 80 minutes
Speakers: Quay Brothers

Some thoughts on the secrecy of music with respect to expanded time. Our talk will be an improvisation around the theme of a collaborative music commission from the BBC for four different composers and four different filmmakers who were asked to make four films to a music composed first and the images to be conceived afterwards. This is, in fact, the very opposite of the expectations of Hollywood and invariably of the rest of the world. Music provokes an alternative dramaturgical narrative… where images are in the service of music… where music becomes the ‹narrative›!

Excerpts of the following films will be show
In Absentia
Based on an actual case history from the Prinzhorn Collection in Heidelberg. A woman inside an asylum obsessively writes the very same letter. Commissioned by the BBC with the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen.
United Kingdom, 2000, 20'