Night Special: Masters of Animation - How to construct a Story - from Idea to Screenplay

Wednesday, 9 December | 22:00 | Bourbaki 2 | Estimated Duration: 50 minutes
Speaker: Priit Pärn

To be creative people we need two things, two different ways of thinking in the same head: a completely free fantasy and a very calm, absolutely
analytical way of thinking. What is fantasy? What is creativity? Is it possible to develop them? How can we turn a very small idea into a finished story? How can we avoid first step solutions and stereotypes? My methods for how to learn to create a story are rather different from classical, character-based methods. Every finished story (edited film) follows a line, and we can divide everything we have into elements: these elements in connection with each other form a structure. If we have a certain graphical clarity, it is easier to find what is what; what is more important; what less important, and to find where the tension lies. In this way we can make clear what we have, where we want to go and what we need to do for this to happen.
World Premiere of Drivers in the Rain
by Priit and Olga Pärn, 2009, Estonia, 24'
Excerpts of the following films will be shown
Ma kuklas tunnen…
Animated poem from a film called ‹Black Ceiling›, a collection of seven modern Estonian poems transformed into animation.
Estonia, 2007, 2'20"

Life without Gabriella Ferri
A dramatic story about love, locked doors, a faceless thief, a wounded stork, a lost laptop and virtual prostitutes, the O’Key sisters… There is no Gabriella Ferri, but there is almost a happy end.
Estonia, 2008, 44'