Tuesday, 8 December | 17:00 | Bourbaki 1 | Estimated Duration: 80 minutes*
*this event is directly adjacent to Masters of Animation - Animation and Poetry, separate attendance is not possible

Speeches by
Prof. Eva Gerber, Lucerne School of Art and Design – Faculty of Design
Dr. Anton Schwingruber, Cantonal government of Lucerne
Nicolas Bideau, Swiss Federal Office of Culture
Prof. Otto Alder, Artistic Director LIAA
Screening of the film Retouches
Carried by an airily animated camera, we move through the film between the sound of waves and a sleeping woman’s breath. The music (Normand Roger) dynamically follows the animation’s shifts of rhythm. Unexpected scene changes provide surprises. A fascinating journey full of visual adventure.
Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland, 2008, 5'35"
Music by Marie Waldmannova, MA student at the Lucerne School of Music will play Serenata and Marcia from a Suite for Cello op.72 by Benjamin Britten