Insights into the secrets of animated storytelling

The Faculty of Design, part of the Lucerne School of Art and Design, is the initiator and organiser of the LIAA - Lucerne International Animation Academy.

With many friends and colleagues from the world of animation having agreed to attend, the Faculty of Design is arranging an event from 8 to 11 December 2009. At this event, prominent representatives of art research and practical application will come together to take part in an open exchange of fundamental questions around dramaturgy and its application in animation.

As an art form in its own right, animation is, above all, employed to relate stories. Bringing all forms of art together, animation thus places substantial demands on its creators.

We have identified a dearth of consolidated knowledge, in particular in the complex subject area of dramaturgy. Contrary to its multi-faceted and extensive use in all areas of communication and its omnipresence in everyday life, knowledge of animation's function in society and its specific method of production is rarely a matter of theoretical reflections.

The LIAA, located at the interface between theory and practice, has set itself the goal of nurturing and deepening the dialogue on animation. All people practicing, lecturing or studying in the areas of animation and media are thus offered the opportunity for unique cross-discipline reflection on theoretical and practical questions relating to the genre. The LIAA will thus operate as a professional forum and place strong emphasis on an internationally positioned programme focus.

The programme offers presentations - speeches, lectures, dialogues, discussions, film screenings and exhibitions. These will be presented by recognised artists, critics, researchers and lecturers. By means of documenting and evaluating the various viewpoints and positions, the LIAA aims to collect new knowledge for education, practical experience and research.

The programme's content will be further widened via the presentation of various research projects (Research Window), which will be connected to the event's central theme. This element of the programme is the responsibility of the research department, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts.
The Visual Narrative Competence Center, located in our university, will discuss questions on dramaturgy of animated advertising films.
On a further platform, organised by the Federal Department of Culture's film section, questions will be raised and answers searched for concerning the potential future direction of animation film advancement in Switzerland.
For the general public, the LIAA programme will be expanded by means of film presentations, a night special programme in the city cinema, as well as exhibitions.

The LIAA also understands its role as a "laboratory" for artistic research. Artistic processes and viewpoints will be exposed, researched and documented in a cross-discipline environment. Participating practitioners in the creative branch will thus be enriched with ideas, critique and tutelage for their practical work.

It remains for the LIAA to hope that the questions raised offer the participants new insights into the secrets of animated story telling, bear exciting findings, enable productive encounters, and generate creative ideas.

Welcome to Lucerne!

Otto Alder

You can find a programme overview to download below.
--Please note: The programme may change without notice.--
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