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6 December 2010

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

Actually it’s just about one year ago that the first Lucerne International Animation Academy (LIAA) was successfully held in Lucerne.

Thanks to support from my dear colleagues Jean First and Adrian Flury and also thanks to financial support from our headmaster and the Animation Department, we were able to edit most of the video footage for our website during the last months.

I’m very happy to invite you to visit LIAA-TV on our website where we are presenting the most essential presentations held at the conference last year.

With this publication we are finally able to continue the debate and offer different philosophies about storytelling in animation and at the same time offer you deep insight into the subject by outstanding artists from all over the world.

Also thanks of sponsorship by the Lucerne School of Art and Design’s Animation Department, we have recently published the translation of the article «Animation at the Beginning of the 21st Century» by Stanislav Ulver, imprinted in the Czech magazine, Film a Doba, (2/3, 2010)

The LIAA-site is a unique platform with crucial information on storytelling in animation. Useful for students, artists and teachers. We would like you to help spread out this information to all your colleagues.

Kind regards and all best,

Otto Alder

3 November 2010

Animation at the Beginning of the 21st Century
by Stanislav Ulver (The original article was published in Czech in "Film a doba" 2-3/2010)

The concept of LIAA (Lucerne International Animation Academy), the four-day event, which Otto Alder organized last December in cooperation with Lucerne School of Art and Design, is essentially very open. This will strike everybody, who looks up on the internet The discussions at this event were stimulated by the talks of well-known animators such as Juri Norstein, Quay Brothers, Priit Pärn, Jerzy Kucia or Gil Alkabetz, by such theoreticians and historians as Suzanne Buchan, Jayne Pilling or Marcin Gizycki and, needless to say, by their dialogue. The captivating clash of theory and practice concerned not only more
14 June 2010
LIAA in the news - An article written by Nobuaki Doi was recently published in the Summer Issue of ASIFA Magazine. Read "All You Need is Words" here (Printable Version at the bottom of the page).
25 March 2010

Evaluation Report
The Evaluation Report written by Jayne Pilling and Timo Linsenmaier is now online!

The LIAA conference came at a particularly timely moment. It is a commonly acknowledged problem within the teaching of animation that there is a certain scarcity of research, theory and published work specifically on animation, that is written intelligently but accessibly (in terms of concepts and language employed); work that students – and teachers – would find genuinely useful to both their thinking and their practice. Click here to read it in full.

15 March 2010
"A Summary" on LIAA written by Otto Alder, Artistic Director, can be found here.
27 January 2010
LIAA in the news - read this article by Marcin Gizycki for AWN.
4 January 2010
More photos have been added to our photostream!
23 December 2009

A first retrospect
LIAA has offered four intense days of discussions, talks and presentations. Curated stringently to allow for an altogether very encouraging mixture of theory and practice, the debate covered current and historical questions of animation as an independent art form.

With its main focus on questions on the specifics of dramaturgy in animation film, the programme uncovered several aspects of this area. Topics like the role of sound in storytelling, the possibilities of acting and making objects perform and the function animation's numerous historical predecessors have for todays practice and theoretical thinking were explored to great advantage.

A wide cultural context as a basis to explore and share experimental ways of teaching and thinking characterized and distinguished the tools for critical analysis presented. Recurring themes emerged that constituted an underlying leitmoif for many of the panels. For example, the wholeness of artistic vision and articulation of personal creative processes, or a desire to grow within restrictions of production context and working conditions were topics that were brought up by many of the presenters.

LIAA has put a spotlight on the fact that there are no out-of-the-box recipes for storytelling or dramaturgy or even success. But there are numerous approaches, diverse processes and multitudinous creative visions. And that is exactly the reason why there should be more of LIAA in the future: The exchange of those, the interaction between the people working, studying and operating in the field, and the conjunction of theory and practice have made LIAA a very special event. All that remains can be said by quoting the title of Michaela Pavlatova's film "Repete": We need LIAA again, and again, and again!
Jayne Pilling and Timo Linsenmaier

A more extensive summary is expected to be published in February 2010.

Photos online
To complement the written retrospect, we have published photographs of the event in the LIAA photostream.

In the press…
Press release by Lucerne School of Art and Design in German and English.
Blog entry by radio journalist Michael Sennhauser in German.

7 December 2009

The Opening of the Lucerne International Animation Academy is tomorrow at 17:00! Directly adjacent to the opening you can attend the Keynote Address by Yuri Norstein about «Animation and Poetry». It is his first visit to Switzerland ever.
After a break, it’s time for the Night Special «Music as a provocative and authentic form of Narration» presented by Steven and Timothy Quay from London.

Speaker Update
«Please Say Something – from Idea to Story and its Implementation into 3D-Animation» is the title of the presentation of newly added LIAA speaker David OReilly. He will present the making of his film «Please Say Something» and of course the film itself. The film was awarded with a lot of prizes, amongst others the ‘Golden Bear’ at the Berlinale, the ‘High Risk Award’ at Fantoche Festival and the main prize at Kurzfilmtage Winterthur.

Flipbook Competition Winner
We are pleased to announce Amir Dror, Jerusalem, as the winner of our flipbook competition. Amir is currently studying at Lucerne School of Art and Design as exchange student. Together with nine runner-ups, his flipbook will be shown at the prize ceremony as well as on a screen at Bourbaki during LIAA.
3 December 2009
Five days before kickoff, we want to highlight two interesting programme sections.

Research Window
The Research Department of the Lucerne School of Art and Design will present current research projects. It is also a platform to investigate qualities and requirements of effective animation and the way storytelling is changing within new media environments.

Symposium «Applied Short Animation»
The Visual Narrative Competence Center of the Lucerne School of Art and Design will lead discussions on dramaturgy of animated advertising films. Being creatively active and developing exciting and stimulating contributions in applied fields presents a particular challenge. Available formats are often short or very short. Which strategies promise good results? Which dramaturgic structures are successful and expand creative leeway? The speakers provide fascinating insights in their fields of work.

30 November 2009

Swiss Premiere at LIAA - Divers in the Rain

The newly finished film from the Estonian animation artists Priit and Olga Pärn of the animation studio «Eesti Joonisfilm» will see its Swiss premiere at LIAA! It will be screened during the Night Special with Priit Pärn on Wednesday,
10 December 2009 at 22:00. Tickets are still available!

We are proud to present Drivers in the Rain, 2009, Estonia, Running time 24 minutes

If you wish to see another masterpiece of the same artists, here’s your chance. The film «Life Without Gabriella Ferri» just recently won the grand prize of the renown Italian Festival «I Castelli Animati» in Rome. The film’s Swiss Premiere will be screened along with the film «1895» at LIAA Cinema on Friday, 11 December 2009 at 20:00.

See you soon in Lucerne!

17 November 2009

Masters of Animation

We are delighted to inform you that another animation personality has confirmed his attendance: Alexei Alexeev (Moscow/Budapest) will speak about «Rhythm and Timing in Animation». Excerpts of animation films will support his presentation to demonstrate the connections between dramaturgy, rhythm and timing.

On a more unfortunate note, we have to inform you that Igor Kovalyov (Los Angeles) had to cancel his LIAA-appearance. We would like to send our regards to Igor and hope to see him on another occasion.

Flipbook Competition
Fifty-two flipbooks from eight different countries were sent in and they now compete for the prize money of CHF 1000. A jury will select the lucky winner who will be invited to the prize ceremony just before the LIAA opening on
8 December at 15:00 at stattkino (free admission). Read more.
10 November 2009

A World Premiere!

Omid Khoshnazar (Tehran/Lucerne) will present the world premiere of his new film «Parasite» in the course of his presentation «Acting in Animation».

Have you got your ticket yet?
There’s no easier way than buying your LIAA ticket online. At the same time, you can book your hotel and benefit from a discount price. It’s all at the tip of your fingers.
Be quick! The advance ticket sale closes on 30 November, hotel bookings should be made by 18 November.

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15 October 2009

Advance Ticket Sale OPEN!
Buy your LIAA ticket online by clicking here.

The LIAA Flipbook-Competition – Your chance of winning CHF 1000
The flipbook is an old mean to create the illusion of movement. It allows you to tell imaginative stories in a simple way and can even serve as help to develop animation ideas. A versatile medium that demands dramaturgic thinking by its creators, in spite of technical limitations.

WATER – the elixir of life – a matter of course for the privileged, a precious good for the many. We chose it to be the subject of our competition. Find out how to participate!. Deadline for entry is 1 November 2009.

2 October 2009
After two years of preparation it is our pleasure to announce the unique programme of Lucerne International Animation Academy (LIAA). Our thanks go to good friends, colleagues, partners and sponsors, who trusted in our idea.

LIAA is a four-day event that encourages public discussions about animation and takes place in Lucerne, Switzerland. It is a great opportunity for people from theory and practice to meet and share their views on the characteristics of dramaturgy in animation films, in all its aesthetic and technical aspects. There will also be presentations of current research projects and introductions of animation schools. We will talk about various questions concerning dramaturgy concepts and how animation can be taught and promoted. Over fifty internationally acclaimed speakers from various fields of art, economy and research will present their knowledge to the attendees of LIAA and encourage them to take part.

Our target audience are animation lecturers, students, researchers as well as field experts like film makers, directors and musicians. All presentations are open to the public.

Tell your friends about LIAA. We would love to see you attending LIAA in December!

Best regards,
The LIAA Staff
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