A selection of reactions that we got after we first put the idea of LIAA out into the world.

Nice to receive a letter from you about your Academy! Great for our little animation community I think!
Konstantin Bronzit, Russia
Looks like a very good thing. I'm happy to lend my name to it. I hope you get the funding you need.
Clare Kitson, London

I would be delighted to help Lucerne in absolutely anyway I can. Count me in!
Berry J. Pureves, Birmingham

I am very happy to support this idea and I wish it all the success. I think there is a great need for academic studies on animation and also to form a platform for discussion.
Marjut Rimminen, London

Of course I am very happy to join the patronage committee for this project. I think short film production and animation one need absolutely reflection about its aesthetics, dramaturgy, history...
Antonio Lopez, Clermont-Ferrand

Yes, I would like to join the list of patronage. It is an honour for me.
Michael Dudok de Wit, London

Great idea, of course I would be most happy to support this initiative. Any serious context for reflexion on animation and developing theory is positive. Also, I like your angle to the subject, and would not mind contributing something myself...
Edwin Carels, Ghent

Of course I will support your idea as it sound very good.
Alexei Alexeev, Moscow/Budapest

Good idea - yes, you can put my name in the list.
Virgil Widrich, Vienna

It seems a very nice and good idea. And my first interests on that is the possibility to be there, to hear, to learn from people that know very much about animation and about life.
Fernando Galrito, Lisbon

Your Idea is very interesting and of course I signed the form.
Taku Furukawa

It is an honour for me that my name is added to the patronage.
Koji Yamamura, Tokyo

Story-telling is so fundamental, so important to film-making – people are often afraid to discuss it because it appears to be so personal, and so much the realm of the ‘artist’. I wish you luck!
Peter Lord, Bristol

Of course feel free to use my name for your roster of animators. I would be awed to be included in the list of names you've mentioned here. Glad you are addressing the subject of dramaturgy/storytelling in animated films. It really is a tough nut.
Chris Landreth, Montreal

Naturally you can use my name (if it can be useful), I send you also my fingerprints ! if it is more convincing for them! Your project is interesting, and I think useful not only for your students but for more.
Georges Sifianos, Paris

Your project is certainly a much needed one, so drop my name without any hesitation.
Giannalberto Bendazzi, Genova

If my name can be of any use to you in such work, please feel free. I feel honoured to be included in such company!
Marcy Page, Montreal

Yes of course with pleasure you can add our names but my goodness you already have such wonderful names. Just put us very small at the bottom [or on the back page.]
Brothers Quay, London

The honor would be mine to be included amongst such luminaries.
Peter Dougherty, New York

A subject on which I reallly agree. The more I work with the students the harder it gets.... and storytelling eems to be the "real matter". We are facing everyday the problem you are raising. I believe it would be very helpful to create an opportunity to discuss how we teach stoytelling in animation - included how to link theoretical education with practical training.
Chiara Magri, Torino

I am most happy to join you !!! I think it is a very good idea to hold symposiums for your students.
Sayoko Kinoshita, Tokyo

Yes, my name is not moving too many mountains at the moment but if it will shift a mole hill in Switzerland feel free.
Paul Bush, London

Of course you can use my name to do good things!
Priit Pärn, Tallinn

It is an honor to be part of such a distinguished body of scholars and filmmakers. I just signed your letter.
Marcin Gizycki, Warszawa

Each initiative how makes the art of animation better is verry welkom to me. I sow your plan on the website, and it looks verry good. So it',s a honour for me to joining the patronage committee list of Lucerne international animation academy.
Gerrit van Dijk, Harlem