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With the realisation of the Lucerne International Animation Academy, the Faculty of Design of the Lucerne School of Art and Design was able to establish a unique platform for practical and theoretical debates on animated film.

The Necessity of LIAA
The four-day event contributed to promote the exchange of ideas between artistic practice and theoretical reflection in the field of animation - animation regarded as a unique form of motion picture production and a cultural phenomenon. With regards to its programme and its content, LIAA has managed to address important issues of independent animation film making. It particularly enabled exciting and sustainable discussions on the technical and aesthetic autonomy of animation, all of it in a dynamic environment.

The attendance of over 200 people from 20 different countries confirms the importance and necessity of the conference. Especially the thematic focus of LIAA – the special nature of dramaturgy in animated film – was highly appreciated.

A close view on Animation
The attendees, students and teachers in particular, took advantage of the unique opportunity to communicate closely with outstanding representatives of the international animation community and will certainly make use of the gained insights in their own work. Furthermore, with representatives from 25 different training and research institutions present (e.g. ENSAD Paris, RCA London, VGIK Moscow, KASK Ghent, HFF Babelsberg), the LIAA was the perfect event for professional networking.

LIAA also provided a professional platform for the presentation of the various divisions of the Faculty of Design at the Lucerne School of Art and Design such as research (dramaturgy in animation), services (Visual Narrative Competence Centre) and education (bachelor's and master's degree).
The majority of the speeches and presentations were audio-visually recorded. This material, as well as the findings of a series of interviews with the specialists will be used in current research projects at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. Similarly, the theoretical and practical classes at the school will profit from the findings of the event. The vast abundance of film and other collected documentary material, however, demands professional support for reprocessing. It is planned to publish the key contributions on our website to allow quick re-presentation access for everyone interested.

The essential Conclusion of the Conference
That there are no written laws on the dramaturgy of animation and no ideal recipe for the sure success of a film are the main conclusions of the conference. It was interesting to see that the various artistic approaches and creative processes, many of them unique to the practitioners, were all justified by the results of their work. It is this comparison of artistic strategies – strategies that can’t be generalised and categorised – and the discussions which resulted from their presentation which constituted the most important and lively elements of the event.

The diverse skills of our school in the field of animation have been prominently presented. Lucerne was perceived as an important hub of the Swiss animation community by both the professional and the general public. With LIAA, the Lucerne School of Art and Design has accomplished to leave a lasting mark on the world map of animation research.

Otto Alder, Artistic Director
March 2010

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